A 6-month Transformational Experience

Are you living the live of your choosing? 

We are ready to dive right in, address issues of fogginess, doubt, "lack of" mindset and so much more! This 6-month intensive will absolutely get you to choosing YES...all the time!


Our program topics include manifesting wealth, building legacy, healing hurt and debilitating beliefs, self-care, moving from an idea to action and best of all COMMUNITY!  Women have the benefit of working one-on-one with me during monthly coaching sessions. We'll tie it all together with a retreat in paradise, where we will care for, honor, celebrate all we have created.


Program Features

90- minute initial one-on-one Empowerment Session where we unpack patterns and create specific goals (Value $500)

12 Virtual Coaching Calls where we discuss the "Choosing Yes" principles and how to apply them to your life (Value $3,200)

Unlimited 24-hour email support ($2,000)

You will....

Let go of deep patterns holding you back from living your purpose driven dream life...


Cultivate the "Choosing Yes" principles...

   -Living in Gratitude

   -Persistence until Success

   -Moving in divine fashion

   -Master emotion

   -Multiply your value


Learn techniques to craft your ideal self-care plan

Learn how to empower and manifest huge goals

Move from plan to action

Is this program for you?!

Schedule a 25 minute empowerment call to find out!